We support young people, parents and professionals to enable happier, more engaged, and compassionate families.

care services and purpose designed accommodation

We provide high quality transitional care and purpose designed accommodation for young people and adults with complex needs aged 16 and over.

We also provide a highly trained and experienced staff support team assembled to me the unique needs of each client.

Our clients’ safety, health and happiness are our top priorities.

We provide our clients with safe environments to actively participate and contribute to the community while embracing their needs and aspirations.

We are proud of our commitment to the highest quality care services.

Support for young people

We’re here to support young people to gain the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to create and maximise available opportunities to help the transition to adulthood. We provide high-quality transitional care and purpose-designed accommodation for young people aged 16+ leaving care or with complex needs.

Support for families

We provide extensive support for parents and families to support their children and young people who are exposed to traumatic events and adversity. Our programme combines taught content on psychological, emotional and child development processes with the necessary support to allow parents and families to apply this knowledge in practice and address complex and challenging behaviour.

We are proud of our commitment to the highest quality care services.

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