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We support young people, parents and professionals to enable happier, more engaged, and compassionate families.

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Compassion is at the heart of what we do.
Our trauma-informed and attachment-based services put the safety, health and happiness of the people we work with at the forefront.

We work to create nurturing, trauma-informed spaces for young people wherever they are: be that at home, staying in one of our accommodations, or with other services.

We recognise the strengths of each person and team we come into contact with and work collaboratively to build on these. We know that this takes time. Our work isn’t crisis support, but we’re here for long-term, impactful change.

Support for young people

We’re here to support young people to gain the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to create and maximise available opportunities to help the transition to adulthood. We provide high-quality transitional care and purpose-designed accommodation for young people aged 16+ leaving care or with complex needs. Young people have access to specialist mental health support, as well as trauma-informed support to address any health and social needs.

Trauma-Informed and Attachment-Based Services

Support for parents and carers

We provide extensive support for parents and families to support their children and young people who are exposed to traumatic events and adversity. Our R3-Version programme combines taught content on psychological, emotional and child development processes with the necessary support to allow parents and carers to apply this knowledge in practice and address complex and challenging behaviour.

To find out more about this unique parenting programme please see this document: R3-version Parenting, or get in touch with us to arrange a call back with a member of our team.

Trauma-Informed and Attachment-Based Services

Working with professionals

We are the premier training and implementation support provider of trauma-informed and attachment-based principles for children and young people services. We bring over fifteen years of expertise in their design, implementation and evaluation. We work collaborative with organisations and services to transform their systems and practices to become compassionate and trauma-informed.

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Trauma-Informed and Attachment-Based Services

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